NO Name /Title Description Status Version Date
44 Income and Expense Menu Income and Expense Menu has been separated. Also you can now print all supplier and customers statements. active Version 5.20.5 2020-07-14
43 Manage Reports You can now view reports deferentially e.g credit/invoice sales or cash sales independently or you can view then in one window,. You just need to select either cash sales or Credit sale during the time you are viewing reports. active Version 5.20.5 2020-07-14
42 Better reports on Accomodation The reports have been made better and easier. One can do daily sales report, cleaning reports and more roles introduced to increase control on accommodation. active Version 5.20.4 2020-07-09
41 HR/ Accounting Menu introduced This will help customer to easily locate the modules that belong to Hr and accounting on various independent menu with relevant modules grouped together. active Version 5.20.2 2020-07-06
40 Date on Receipt The receipts hays correct date format of d/mY and time which does not change even if the receipt is reprinted. This help reduce employee/customers using same receipt more than once. active Version 5.20.2 2020-07-04
39 Profit on Purhases and on products This feature help customer to see the profit during purchases and on product/ counter window . active Version 5.20.2 2020-07-04
37 Openning and Clossing Stock This module allows to open stock (record the stock you have by the start od a shift) and Close the stock at the end of the shift to verify the stock defferences with the sold quantities. active Version 5.20 25/6/2056
36 Bank Deposits This module enables you to record all transaction of funds transfer from defferent account to others. These transactions are then reconsiled with the banck statements. active Version 5.20 25/6/2055
35 Bank Reconciliation This modules helps you in bach accounr reconcilliation. Compare transactions you recorded with the one the bank ststement contains. active Version 5.20 25/6/2054
34 Slow Moving Goods This ia a report that plays a contrary role to the Fast Moving Goods. This one displays the sales of products from those with least products. The two reports will guide you on what to stock more and wich one to stock less or stop selling at all. active Version 5.20 25/6/2053
33 Fast moving Goods This is a report that shows the sales of all products from those with the highest sales to the lowest. active Version 5.20 25/6/2052
32 Bulk Payments This module enable you receive and record bulk payments by a customer and clear his/her debts/pending invoices in bulk. active Version 5.20 25/6/2051
31 Invoices Send invoices to your customers who would like their products deliverd by you and have different mode of payment other than cash. This will keep track of which invoice has been paid for and how much active Version 5.20 25/6/2050
30 Purchases This module is used to record purchases delivered to you by your supplier without you sending the Purchase order. After recording the purchase, you can also print a Good Received Note. active Version 5.20 25/6/2049
29 Purchase Order When you want to replenish your stock, this is the module to visit. From here you can generate a purchase order, add everything you want delivered to you by your supplier with their quantities and send it to your supplier. active Version 5.20 25/6/2048
28 Stock Transfer This is the process of transfering stock from one branch to another, branch to the main store and vice versa. This is automacally syncronized with the stock, active Version 5.20 25/6/2047
27 Stock Value This Feature Helps Clients to Know the Total amount of Money they Have Spent on Purchase of Items and The amount of Money they will Receive after Sales. active Version 5.20 25/6/2046
26 Users This module enables you add all your employess/members who'll be using the system. Here you can add their names, phone numbers, email addresses and their passwords. In this module also you can issue rights to each individuals on which modules they can access and what they can/can't do in those modules. active Version 5.20 25/6/2045
25 Stock Tacking This is the process of updating system stock dirrectly from what is there in shelves. This one is updated automatically to in the stock from here. active Version 5.20 25/6/2044
24 Damaged Products Damaged products is a modile that enables recording of damaged/spoiled stoch items than cannot be sold. Once an item is marked as spoilt/damaged, it is autoomatically reduced from the stock. This helps in stock management. active Version 5.20 25/6/2043