NO Name /Title Description Status Version Date
58 Approval for suspend sales With this feature, you can control those works who scan code and sell then suspend sales once the customer has left the premise and pocket the money. You just need to give role of suspend sales from retails module to allow someone do this . active Version 5.24.5 2020-09-19
57 Independent Invoice Header per branch With this upgrade, you can put new invoice header per branch. Each Branch A,b,c etc Can have their own Invoice header. Just go to branch then click on update button then put the correct details on Invoice Header box and then save by clicking on update button. active Version 5.24.4 2020-09-17
56 Improved Purchase The system can calculate very well the vat, exempted and zero rated amount. active Version 5.24.5 2020-09-15
55 Improment of Selling window The new system can now allow you to sell very well using various Unit of Measurements with a new improved selling interface. active Version 5.24.4 2020-09-15
54 Improvement of Asset Register With new upgrade, one can now register asset and appreciated or depreciate them on annually as well as passing the Gl and Update. active Version 5.24.4 2020-09-15
53 Create serial from existing products You can now go store and be able to able to record serial number for existing products under more button active Version 5.24.3 2020-09-07
52 E-Commerce posting orders People can now post orders into the system and the system users can see online orders as well as offline orders made at the shop active Version 5.24.3 2020-09-07
51 Offloading Seat The system can record the offloading sheet used to dispatch Items to various places using van. This can be done under quotation module. active Version 5.24.3 2020-09-07
50 Automatic Budget update The system can now do automatic budget closing. You just need to feed in the expected amount and the system will tell the used/actual amount and the difference. They have been linked with chats of accounts. active Version 5.24.3 2020-09-07
49 Customed Menua With new menu in place, all related features are put together in the system for easier operations active Version 5.24 2020-08-13
48 Aging report on accounting With this module, customer can get aging reports of all debts based on due date e.g 30days, 60days, 90days etc active Version 5.24 2020-08-13
47 Automatic invoicing and Penalty With this new features, customers will get will be invoices rend and penalty every month automatically. active Version 5.24 2020-08-13
46 Autoamatic Payments and Rental Invoices Sms is sent immediately invoice or payment is done to tenants as well as when customer is checked in the room,. This help in ensuring customers and business owners are kept upto date active Version 5.24 2020-08-13
45 Digital Receipts/invoice With this new feature, one can send digital Receipt through sms or whatsapp to the customer to download. active Version 5.24 2020-08-13
44 Income and Expense Menu Income and Expense Menu has been separated. Also you can now print all supplier and customers statements. active Version 5.20.5 2020-07-14
43 Manage Reports You can now view reports deferentially e.g credit/invoice sales or cash sales independently or you can view then in one window,. You just need to select either cash sales or Credit sale during the time you are viewing reports. active Version 5.20.5 2020-07-14
42 Better reports on Accomodation The reports have been made better and easier. One can do daily sales report, cleaning reports and more roles introduced to increase control on accommodation. active Version 5.20.4 2020-07-09
41 HR/ Accounting Menu introduced This will help customer to easily locate the modules that belong to Hr and accounting on various independent menu with relevant modules grouped together. active Version 5.20.2 2020-07-06
40 Date on Receipt The receipts hays correct date format of d/mY and time which does not change even if the receipt is reprinted. This help reduce employee/customers using same receipt more than once. active Version 5.20.2 2020-07-04
39 Profit on Purhases and on products This feature help customer to see the profit during purchases and on product/ counter window . active Version 5.20.2 2020-07-04